Our Support Activities

Refugee Support Organizations in Japan

In Japan, private organizations support refugees through advocacy, employment assistance, and shelter (temporary housing). However, there have been no support centers that can provide “long-term housing,” “livelihood” support, or accept a large number of refugees.

In April 2020, we started a facility to support the housing and living of up to 30 refugees, using a Jesuit monastery in Kamakura as the base of our operations.

The Arrupe Refugee Center will support refugees in this facility and carry out the following activities.


Support Provided by Arrupe Refugee Center

Emergency Assistance for Refugees

Provision of emergency shelter
Provision of meals
Medical assistance
Visa renewal fees

Resettlement support for refugees

Support for certification procedures
Japanese language study support
Interpretation and translation support
Employment support

Refugee Seminars and Other Events

Inquiry for Lectures/Seminars/Classes

Activity Report

The process of applying for refugee status takes several years, during which time refugees are in a precarious situation mentally, financially, and legally. During the refugee status application process, refugees need to heal the wounds of persecution from their home countries. It is also essential to understand Japanese culture, learn Japanese, and provide various supports for independence after the refugee status is accepted.

Governing Body

NPO Arrupe Refugee Center

The NPO Arrupe Refugee Center, established in April 2020, manages this project.

About Support and Donations

In cooperation with civil society and other organizations, we aim to warmly welcome refugees who have fled persecution to Japan into Japanese society, provide them with information, assistance with refugee status procedures, and resettlement support, and help them live independently in Japanese society, connect with local communities, and contribute to the creation of a tolerant and diverse multi-ethnic and multicultural society.

The operation of the Arrupe Refugee Center is made possible by your support and donations.