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Donations / Donations of Goods / Volunteers

Request for Donations

The activities of Arrupe Refugee Center are supported by your donations, not by government support.

For example, with your donation, you can support us in the following ways

With a donation of 30 USD (3,000 yen)

You can support the life of one refugee for one day.
The funds will be used for the shelter’s food, utilities, communication, and other expenses.

With a donation of 50 USD
(5,000 yen)

You can support one refugee’s Japanese language study for one month. Learning Japanese is essential to living independently in Japanese society.

With a donation of 100 USD (10,000 yen)

You can support a one-month recovery program for one refugee. Through counseling, music therapy, and community interaction, we help heal the wounds of persecution in their home country and support their next steps.

*Donations can be made below by credit card or bank transfer (Japan Post Bank, PayPay Bank).
*Our payment system uses “congrant”, a donation system for non-profit organizations.

*Donations can be made in any amount you wish. ( Minimum donation amount is 1,000 yen.) *Anonymous donations are also accepted.
*Please note that bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the supporter.

*Only credit cards are accepted. *You can make an automatic, fixed monthly donation. *Anonymous donations are also accepted. *You can cancel your membership at any time.

Donation by Postal Transfer Account
【Account Number】00250-6-107205

【Account Name】NPO Arrupe Refugee Center NPO法人アルペなんみんセンター

Request for Donations of Goods

We are accepting the following items.
Please send them by courier or contact us by phone before bringing the items to us.

□Laptop, tablet to help with refugee application documents, learning Japanese, and communicating with their home country.

□Unused stamps, unused postcards, and unsent postcards to be used for various postal shipments.

*We are currently pausing donations of clothing and bags.


*Currently, to prevent the spread of COVID19, in-person volunteer activities are restricted.

*Please register for “Arrupe Refugee Center Supporters Emailing LIst” first.

We send you information about the situation of refugees, necessary support, volunteer recruitment, seminars, and events by e-mail.
Feel free to participate and help us in your own way. You can always unsubscribe from our e-mails.
We will not use your registered personal information for any other purpose.

Support for Refugees
Japanese language support, Japanese culture support, accompaniment to immigration offices, hospitals, etc., interpretation/translation, provision of meals, counseling, application procedures, computer/smartphone support, finding a place to work, finding an apartment to move to

Facility and Grounds Management Support
Mowing the school yard, mowing the grounds, pruning plants, growing vegetables, cleaning the building, building maintenance

Planning, Operation, and Administrative Support for Events, etc.
Assistance in planning and organizing events and other activities to raise awareness of refugee issues and the work of the center